Battle Lines & Printed Sea

by Flora Shakespeare

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released March 18, 2011

Recorded and Produced by: Flora Shakespeare



all rights reserved
Track Name: Battle Lines
Chokin', chokin'
Like an engine and I just gotta keep smokin'
Never been down here before
Forget about the breaks as I just keep rollin' forward
But I roll backwards at the possibility
Of crossing your battle lines
Won't become your latest casualty
When crossing your battle lines

Peter, Peter
Not coming in can't pick you up on my receiver
Don't sound the horn; make waste with your haste
Don't mean to make you a believer
But I hold back my inhibitions to appease
When you draw your battle lines
Hounded for my curiosity
When you draw your battle lines

Broken, Broken
Pedal to the metal and I just gotta keep jokin'